La Casmik Textile Group has a long experience in the textile sector. A high specialization in import and export of fabrics, especially denim, cottons, velvets and linen, becoming, over the years, leader in both the national and the textile panorama abroad.

The company has a wide choice of fabrics: "denim" in the various weights, both rigid and elastic, "velvet" both dyed and ready for dye, "cotton" elastic and rigid, dyed and ready for dyeing, mixed linen ready for dyeing. We are able to respond quickly and with great professionalism to the various needs of customers: in fact the main objective is to offer the best fabrics with a high quality - price ratio.


The Company Casmik Textile Group distributes all types of denim fabrics both of Italian and foreign origin.

  • Denim cottons, drill, bull, poplin, gabardine of various weight both dyed and ready for dye
  • mixed linen dyed and ready for dye
  • Smooth velvet and cotton; corduroys both dyed and ready to dye

Company history

La Casmik Textile Group was born in 1990, after a long and proven experience deriving from a family-run company, founded around the beginning of the 1960s and founded by Mr. Michele Casillo.

Over the years, the firm Casillo Michele, followed and supported by the latter, but above all helped by the whole family, has grown with tenacious firmness, becoming a company of wholesale casual fabrics such as denim, velvet cottons, linen.

At the beginning of the nineties he became director of the company, Casmik Textile Group, his son Luigi Casillo, who together with his sisters Maria, Franca and Teresa constitute the current textile company.

Company for years present in the textile market, produces and distributes fabrics, specializing in particular in Italian cotton and denim products. It distributes in the Italian and foreign markets especially in Israel, Morocco, Germany, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey.

Company reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5.